Friday, November 26, 2010

The happiness project.

Lynne lent me the happiness project book last night. What a great book
so far. This lady spends one year trying to fix her happiness even
though she started out fairly happy. I like it because there is a lot
f wisdom in this book that one can learn from.
"One of her secrets to adulthood is what you do everyday matters more
than something you do once in a while.." which is something I have
given little thought to until now. She's right, totally right. It's
easy to take day to day things for granted however, I do try to
appreciate everything. But the extra effort needs to go into the daily
things to make them special.
Another piece of wisdom that I need to follow is - you don't have to
be good at everything.
Something I really need to learn. I push myself so hard to learn all
aspects of buildings or planning and the reality is, there are people
who specialize in only certain parts of these subjects for a reason -
you can't be good at everything!!!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading some more and hopefully it will
inspire me to be a better person and create my own happiness project.
**Thanks Lynne!!!!***

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