Sunday, November 14, 2010

a day dedicated to work!

I am still in my pjs right now...
I spent the day from 10 am until about now working on the following:
  • graduate applications - wrote my personal statement, letters of recommendation information, emailed my teachers, ordered transcripts, organized my application deadlines and things needed to be finished by Thanksgiving
  • Researched Columbias Sustainability Management Program
  • Frank Lloyd Wright COMPLETED - the paper is not due for weeks
  • Researched Singapore for an environmental paper i need to do, started paper and began the power point. Its due the first week of December
  • Started my theater power point and blocking requirements for the play i wrote, will finish tomorrow.
  • Figured out my schedule for next semester/ picked final class needed. Looks like i am taking 8 classes over the next 6 months
  • Paid all my bills - cell/credit card/
  • Bought the Groupon for a SPA day! YAY, I deserve it.
  • Researched the green code /comprehensive plan for my volunteer work this week. Im excited to work for the city
  • Took my History 106 test today on Buff states website. Probably should of got an A but i got an 86 so i am happy. 
Lots of stuff done today!
I still need to finish my McNair research paper, study for an exam this week thursday and more!!!! AHHH super busy!



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  1. the play you wrote??!?! RAD! i want to know more about this!