Sunday, January 30, 2011

a longer update

I havent really talked about my new job or school...

I started a new job a couple weeks ago with Buffalo Energy (
and it has been super great. I have gone on a couple audits in some neat buildings and learned a lot about building science and efficiency that i didnt know before!
On Friday I got to go into the new converted lafeyette school that is now some super fancy apartments. How neat! It would be fun to live there. AND because they did a comprehensive energy audit, the tenants gas and electric bills only total 100 bucks a month! CHEAP!

So work is awesome.

School is stressful... I am taking 6 classes. I am pretty sure I have had homework in each class so far which is down right crazy. Its going to be one crazy semester. BUT then I will graduate with my B.S. of Urban Planning and Regional Analysis!

I am also applying to go to Malaysia for the summer with school. I am excited because I will be working on a historical preservation project with the University of Malaysia. How cool!

Other updates include: I am working on my three presentations for NESEA in March. I want those done so I don't have to stress about them later. I am also working on the student design competition for fundraising... which has been fun. JOe is awesome. Lynne is doing well. My friends are amazing and I love everyone/everything in my life right now.


January 29 2011

Of course the night started at our place drinking wine and cheap beer...

We also went to an amazing vegan chili cookoff yesterday at sugar
city! Pat found Tom van deusens old zine and I took a picture and
posted it on toms Facebook. I bet Tom loved it because he moved to
Seattle and misses buffalo and his buffalo buds so much!

We then went to north bar. What an amazing place! Their food is super
tasty and we controlled the music all night.

Blog readers!

Hey everyone! Lynne ( sister) just showed me how I can track and see
readership stats. How cool!
Looks like I get a lot of hits from google searches. Even someone from
malaysia read it! Neat!

Anyhow, love that you're reading about my life! I plan on doing this
for ten years, everyday.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekend happiness

Today I went to Caffe Aroma with Vanessa. It was nice. We sat there for hours with a lovely man named Curtis. We also saw many lovely people there.

I spent the morning with Lynne and that was wonderful. She is a great sister.

I had a lovely time this weekend filled with alcohol and last minute pre semester partying.. that was fun. I really enjoy dancing at the pink.

I had a great bowl of mac and cheese at lagniappes that was memorable.

Deerhunter is rocking my world right now.

I started a "journal" which is basically a black notebook for notes. I worry about the digital age and the lack of permanent documentation of my life. (sorry blog)

I cant wait to go snuggle Joe to sleep.

I love my neighbors.

I wrote letters to many people that i love this weekend letting them know read of time i wont be around to talk very much over the next few months. I am sending those out tomorrow.

I had a wonderful SISTER DAY on Saturday. Lynne and I did what we love to do - SHOP. Its so nice to have her around all the time.

Thats it for now. good night!

School starts tomorrow

School starts tomorrow.
It is my last semester for my undergrad. Im nervous, excited and tired just thinking about it. I know its going to be super stressful but hey, thats life.


North bar!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

okay day

Today was an okay day. 
It started off great but I must have gotten some terrible sleep because by 10 am i was exhausted...
Conrad ate half a zilly cake cupcake, i drank a whole mountian dew for the first time in  a long while, joe cant find my keys, joe mopped the floor, deacon snuggled me for hours...
I have been working on a paper for class for over five hours now so its time i take a break.
I did go to wegmans and got soup today but i was sad when they didnt have chicken dumpling soup. Its so creamy and wholesome. Super good!

I should go to sleep now. 


Monday, January 17, 2011

Joe got a hair cut!

He is the most handsome man in the whole wide world!


Our neighbors played crazy crappy techno the other night and told me
to kill myself when I asked them to lower the music and 330 am! This
is the note left on my door today! Booyah!

Office update

Got some office supplies and my otter calendar is up!!!
It's cold in here, so I brought a vest in. What a great idea!

My beautiful sister!!!

This picture sums lynne up. She's caring, beautiful, loves a nice
kitchen and cooking and although she can have some sass, which is
great, she's sweet, loving and tender as a chicken nugget.

Lynnes house rewarming party!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pre school melt down

I am tired. 
Mentally exhausted... and this semester hasn't even begun.
Not quite sure how to break through this except to keep chipping away at my work..  which is very hard to do.



I bought a car, this is the thanks I get!! Yummmmm

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joe bought me flowers!

He wanted to make me feel better! He's so sweet.


Today was my last day as an intern at Nyserda. Boy am I sad! What a
great place to work and such nice, caring people. I learned so much
there too!

Buffalo energy better be worth all this! Haha