Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - The Best Year Ever RECAP

from the beginning to the end: 2009 recap in photos.

There are so many more memories, i just could not upload them all. what the best year ever.

Mall Party

Today Joe and I went to the mall to look for shoes. It was fun. This pic was Joes idea. I love him so much.
Seriously, last year on this day, joe and i were a thought, something sorta in the works and a year later, its amazing. Im just so happy. we have come such a long way and have such a wonderful relationship.

More New Years Recap coming soon!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pizza night success!!!!

Such a fun night filled with games and pizza. I love my friends!

Smart car plus one!


I am on a vacation!
But Im not leaving western ny. I'm just on a break from work!
We are picking up Colin to go to wegmans and guitar center and tonight
we are having a pizza party with Colin Laura sherri and Mario !

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Today was my last day of work Before vaca! I'm happy. I plan on making
music everyday and sleeping in.

Joe ate all my favorite peanut butter cookies and I shoveled the front

Nothing that impressive.

We may go to founding fathers pub tonight... We will see!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Deacon : my cow cat

Oh how much I love her!!!!!!


oh man, i basically used a bunch of weird pedals, loops and my portasound keyboard and came up with a a LOVE SICK remix. Its dreamy.
I only looped it for one verse and chorus and than tripled it. Then i recorded vocals on it.
Yesss. dreammmmmy.


Music room success!

We finally got an area dedicated to music!!!!

Snow snow snow

This video is fun. I'm no looking forward to leaving work today an
walking out in this!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Joe and I slept in today. We woke up at 12:30!
It was nice.

I read all of Homers Odyssey today. It was an amazing book about a blind cat!
Then me, court and stacey went to the mall and i purchased grey mittens, a cat painting and cat toys.

Now im at home relaxing with joe. He is so great, and handsome too!

Lazy Day!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Oh how i love Christmas.
I love the smell, the friendly smiles and fun family times.

Here's how today went:
Joe and I woke up and opened gifts. He bought me a guitar, amp and stand! (AMAZING!)
Joe got lots of things such as the Jam Man, socks, Animal Collective records and more.
Then basically i played my new guitar until Lynne came over around noon.
We opened gifts and hung out for a while.
We then drove to Dad and Moms house. Dad gave us 30 bucks and mom picked out some sock sand PJs for us. It was nice.
We went to Aunt Kathys for a few where Elisabeth played Gator Golf. She is so cute.
THen Joe and i said good bye to Lynne and we went to his Grandmas.

Tradition - POlish tradition where everyone gets a piece of everyones wafer and then eats it. It was nice to be included in it. I like going to Joes grandmas, she is a walking tradition and history book. Its nice to talk to her.

Now we are at home relaxing with the cats. Christmas was so nice. I am so thankful for everyone and everything. I am just so happy.

The Radle Sisters Christmas

It's just me and Lynne these days.

Joe gets records!!!!

Animal collective and black Dice!

93 fender strat for Xmas!

Thanks Joe for the ultimate guitar. I'm so happy. He also got me a
guitar Stan an a Roland amp!!!!! Today was wonderful.

Joe recieved lots of gifts such as slippers and weather stuff. I or
him a jam man whch is the mac daddy of music pedals!
Best christmas ever!

Christmas time!

Me Lynne Joe and Brendan are driving to mom and dads apt to give them
their gifts.
Lynne got me lots of heart stuff. She rules.

I will have pics of joes gifts next!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve!

We went to Marilyn and Richards tonight. It was so nice. We got
flannel sheets, pjs and a robe!
Overall it was a great night. Today was stressful because one of our
buildings went on fire but it's handled and taken care of.
I'm excited for a wonderful Christmas morning with Joe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marilyn and Richard December 23

Richard drove in from Vermont today for the holidays. I think Richard
and Marilyn are so perfect for one another.

Marilyn is my boss and will be moving to Vermont very soon with
Richard and it makes me sad and happy.
Sad cause she's awesome but happy for her because she will be with her
This pic is The first thing they did when he arrived. Super
sentimental and beautiful.
Since both these people are very important to me, I want them to be in
my blog. I want to remember them forever.

Sarah and borah love wine.


I'm trying to bring them into buffalo.

Colin loved the egg nog.

Sherri and aimeeeee