Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope i never forget the joy Conrad brings me. My other cats do the same thing however, this one... hes one of a kind.

He always greets me with a hello meow and never forgets to purr every time i play with him. Hes the first cat i have ever met who can destroy a nicely made bed because of his love for playing in the covers - all by himself. Hes the cat that sits on the toilet waiting for you to finish your shower. He has a little tail that wags and loves to bite - hard.
Its funny because he knows when he does something wrong, he kind of hangs his head but doesn't learn to stop doing what it is that is bad. He is the only at i have ever met that eats peas and likes the taste of asparagus. hahahah!!!

Oh wow, he is just something entirely special and dear to my heart.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Sunday!

Today was a busy Sunday funn of school work. Yuck. But! I'm ahead of
the game and that's good!!!!
These pics I took from yesterday on our drive home. Simple and gloomy.

This weekend wad a nice little vacation that was badly needed! Back to
the grind I go!!! Two more weeks left until winter break!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving day weekend

Wow did i need this break.
I have basically just hung out, relaxed, cleaned, drank champagne, shopped etc... this weekend. No homework yet and I have worked 10 hours in the last 4 days (AWESOME!)SOOO RELAZXXINNNGG!!!

Thanksgiving is a time where people really try to appreciate things in life such as health, family and friends. My goal is to do this everyday throughout 2011. I will narrow it down a bit once it gets closer to january but overall, its a great goal.

I think we are going to stay in tonight and do some school work and relax. We had friends over for cheese and fancy drinks last night (super awesome) and we were out super late for stars on Wednesday night.

Cat inspiration!

Friends and late nights!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tha happiness project - day 2

Wow this book is great. To tackle her goal of Aim Higher , she started
a blog.
Almost a year ago I started this blog and my goal was to blog for an
entire year, everyday. Well I've missed a few days but really have
made a great attempt to post something interesting everyday. Nothing
to fancy just simple pictures or a few words to one day remind myself
what was going on during that time of my life...

Crazy to think a year has past. I would grade myself at about 94 this
year because I missed things and often I posted random pics..
2011 I will get a 100 % by putting kore depth in and posting every

And now I'll continue to read the happiness project! :)


The happiness project.

Lynne lent me the happiness project book last night. What a great book
so far. This lady spends one year trying to fix her happiness even
though she started out fairly happy. I like it because there is a lot
f wisdom in this book that one can learn from.
"One of her secrets to adulthood is what you do everyday matters more
than something you do once in a while.." which is something I have
given little thought to until now. She's right, totally right. It's
easy to take day to day things for granted however, I do try to
appreciate everything. But the extra effort needs to go into the daily
things to make them special.
Another piece of wisdom that I need to follow is - you don't have to
be good at everything.
Something I really need to learn. I push myself so hard to learn all
aspects of buildings or planning and the reality is, there are people
who specialize in only certain parts of these subjects for a reason -
you can't be good at everything!!!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading some more and hopefully it will
inspire me to be a better person and create my own happiness project.
**Thanks Lynne!!!!***

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New old lady hat!


Late wake up / fantastic morning

Today has been the first day in a while that Joe and I are able to
sleep in.. It feels so nice to still be totally in love and to snug
all morning like it was the first sleep over ever.

He's the best thing in my world.

Today and thanksgiving is a hard time for him so I am going to try to
be ultra nice. I can't believe we are going into our third winter
together! Wowza.

Great morning!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

stupid tea party

Please see link. They are attacking sustainable development now... oh gosh.


graduate schools

Just started all of my graduate applications tonight. YAY!

Bernice Radle
760.408.7898 - Mobile

Horizon Realty
257 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222


Sunday, November 14, 2010

a day dedicated to work!

I am still in my pjs right now...
I spent the day from 10 am until about now working on the following:
  • graduate applications - wrote my personal statement, letters of recommendation information, emailed my teachers, ordered transcripts, organized my application deadlines and things needed to be finished by Thanksgiving
  • Researched Columbias Sustainability Management Program
  • Frank Lloyd Wright COMPLETED - the paper is not due for weeks
  • Researched Singapore for an environmental paper i need to do, started paper and began the power point. Its due the first week of December
  • Started my theater power point and blocking requirements for the play i wrote, will finish tomorrow.
  • Figured out my schedule for next semester/ picked final class needed. Looks like i am taking 8 classes over the next 6 months
  • Paid all my bills - cell/credit card/
  • Bought the Groupon for a SPA day! YAY, I deserve it.
  • Researched the green code /comprehensive plan for my volunteer work this week. Im excited to work for the city
  • Took my History 106 test today on Buff states website. Probably should of got an A but i got an 86 so i am happy. 
Lots of stuff done today!
I still need to finish my McNair research paper, study for an exam this week thursday and more!!!! AHHH super busy!