Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope i never forget the joy Conrad brings me. My other cats do the same thing however, this one... hes one of a kind.

He always greets me with a hello meow and never forgets to purr every time i play with him. Hes the first cat i have ever met who can destroy a nicely made bed because of his love for playing in the covers - all by himself. Hes the cat that sits on the toilet waiting for you to finish your shower. He has a little tail that wags and loves to bite - hard.
Its funny because he knows when he does something wrong, he kind of hangs his head but doesn't learn to stop doing what it is that is bad. He is the only at i have ever met that eats peas and likes the taste of asparagus. hahahah!!!

Oh wow, he is just something entirely special and dear to my heart.


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