Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekend happiness

Today I went to Caffe Aroma with Vanessa. It was nice. We sat there for hours with a lovely man named Curtis. We also saw many lovely people there.

I spent the morning with Lynne and that was wonderful. She is a great sister.

I had a lovely time this weekend filled with alcohol and last minute pre semester partying.. that was fun. I really enjoy dancing at the pink.

I had a great bowl of mac and cheese at lagniappes that was memorable.

Deerhunter is rocking my world right now.

I started a "journal" which is basically a black notebook for notes. I worry about the digital age and the lack of permanent documentation of my life. (sorry blog)

I cant wait to go snuggle Joe to sleep.

I love my neighbors.

I wrote letters to many people that i love this weekend letting them know read of time i wont be around to talk very much over the next few months. I am sending those out tomorrow.

I had a wonderful SISTER DAY on Saturday. Lynne and I did what we love to do - SHOP. Its so nice to have her around all the time.

Thats it for now. good night!

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