Sunday, January 30, 2011

a longer update

I havent really talked about my new job or school...

I started a new job a couple weeks ago with Buffalo Energy (
and it has been super great. I have gone on a couple audits in some neat buildings and learned a lot about building science and efficiency that i didnt know before!
On Friday I got to go into the new converted lafeyette school that is now some super fancy apartments. How neat! It would be fun to live there. AND because they did a comprehensive energy audit, the tenants gas and electric bills only total 100 bucks a month! CHEAP!

So work is awesome.

School is stressful... I am taking 6 classes. I am pretty sure I have had homework in each class so far which is down right crazy. Its going to be one crazy semester. BUT then I will graduate with my B.S. of Urban Planning and Regional Analysis!

I am also applying to go to Malaysia for the summer with school. I am excited because I will be working on a historical preservation project with the University of Malaysia. How cool!

Other updates include: I am working on my three presentations for NESEA in March. I want those done so I don't have to stress about them later. I am also working on the student design competition for fundraising... which has been fun. JOe is awesome. Lynne is doing well. My friends are amazing and I love everyone/everything in my life right now.


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