Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2011 Goals

Here are my goals for 2011. They seem pretty practical.

1. Graduate from college
2. Starting after college, I want to volunteer 2 nights a week to a good organization. I'm thinking the Buffalo Animal Shelter.
3. Speak at a conference that isn't NESEA...maybe NYSAFA or NEEP?
4. Get my Building Analyst certification.
5. Take more pictures
6. Blog every day
7. Do our laundry once a week.
8. Go to Montreal

2010 Recap:
Wow, looking back at the pictures i posted below, I had a SUPER 2010 year. It was very busy during school times however we did so much. Just to name some things - Coachella fest, Spoke at NESEA and NYSAFAH, buried a time capsule with Joe, loved him with all of my heart, Lynne moved to buffalo and its been awesome, lots of BBQs, finished a crazy big energy reduction project, became a better friend,found a love for coffee, worked out at the gym a whole lot. played some great shows with great friends (pearls & treehouse), got a new CAR!! ,discovered many amazing things in Buffalo such as little rock city and some waterfalls, mopeds all day long, loved my cats, went to NYC twice, Boston twice,California once, Albany once... blogged every day, organized my life and really had a year of super personal & career oriented growth.

Great year!!!

<3 Bernice


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