Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update on life

Hello blog readers,
Life has been crazy. My mom is in the hospital due to bleeding in her
brain, my dad had surgery and didn't tell us and he isnstruggling to
get back and fourth and then my grandpa passed out when seeing my mom
and he ended up in the emergenccy room.

The good news is that every day the situation gets better. Mom was
just moved from ICU to a regular room, grandpa is out and okay and dad
is healing pretty well.

I am still juggling work, solar tour, nesea, the campaign for greater
buffalo and life all at once which can be very difficult.. But I will
be okay.

The best part about all this is realizing how many people love and
support you through stuff like this. Joe has been a gem, we have met
with so many family members, pat has been supportive for Lynne and
even work has been forgiving. I haven't told many friends but the
ones who know are great, as always.

A life lesson was learned this week - it's not about me, it's about
the bigger picture. I am a small part of something so great. I can
change the world in just a small amount of time and I want to change
things so that others can enjoy their lives more than I did. I want
buffalo to be the best city in the world and for everyone to thing
energy efficiency and green building technologies so we can extend our
time with limited resources. I will give my life to make the world a
better place and will never stop until the end.I don't mind the
sacrifice because I like seeing the results or knowing the outcome.
It's all about the bigger picture.


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