Monday, March 7, 2011

Moms birthday

Today is my moms 48th birthday. She is so cute. I called today and she
really was so happy!!! Lynne went there and the picture made my heart
ache in the best way. My mom, she's so sick and innocent.., almost
like a small child. Seeing her laugh in a picture is worth more than a
thousand words.

I have had a hard time lately dealing with the fact that my parents
really have no idea how cool Lynne and I turned out. Lynne rocks the
democratic world in buffalo and I am a building science geek who
speaks at national conferences.
I am not sure how to explain what we do / what our careers are. Im not
certain if they even get it. My want to do better comes entirely from
My love for making the world a better place for all and from deep
within my soul. It's such a weird feeling... Like I don't know where I
got my drive from... Although, I could say that it was because of my
parents that I am the way I am.. Who knows. I am glad I didn't get
into the psychology field.

Well I am off to NESEA to speak on building stuff. I am starting to
feel more of an expert everyday. This is good. I feel confident and


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