Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad day

Didn't get my dream job due to funding cuts... At least it wasn't my
qualifications or education. It still sucks though.

Looks like I plan on attending grad school in NYC. I already booked a
flight a few days ago to spend a couple days there next weekend to
look at hunter and ccny school of urban sustainability. I didn't want
to wait and now I'm glad I didn't.
Life lesson learned, keep your options opened and have someone who can
help support you.not sure what I would do without joes support and
true care. Andy is super supportive also, letting me know there are
other positions and also hooking me up with people he knows at hunter.
My two men!

Other okay news:
Got an 83 an a 69 on two tests but they were on average, higher than
Studying for an eco geg exam worth 30 % of my grade.. Sippin on tea
and eating yummy pizza Joe made me.
Hopefully my test will go well tomorrow. Then I'm gonna relax.

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