Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shortage of Time - A Lifelong Perspective

Broken Social Scene really blew me away this weekend. Great set, played forever and it was okay with me. T

he best part was when Kevin Drew jumped into the crowd and stood on the fence that blocks the people from the stage. He held some peoples hands and told us all to clap for ourselves and to clap because we are so happy and lucky to be alive.

That moment.. was truly incredible. To be there, to be alive... it is something i worry about every day. I honestly believe i love life way to much to be gone. I cant imagine not doing what i do everyday. I cant grasp the idea of never seeing an amazing show, enjoying a newly setting season, loving joe for all he is, being without my cats and so much more... Life is truly exceptional and everything about how you make it work for you. Kevin didn't have to make me realize that but it was amazing to hear him scream that out and to connect at that moment with myself and what was going on around me.

I left the show last night feeling so thankful for everything i have, everyone i know and all the experiences and little things i have had in my life. I cannot wait for more of everything i do right now in the future for years and years to come. This just reiterated why I try to be thankful everyday and not spend precious time fighting or not being productive. Life is way to short to not care or throw it away.

Just some thoughts floating around in the mind..

This video below will take you to my song of the day. It makes me love everything more harder than i ever have.


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