Tuesday, July 20, 2010

turning 24

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turning 24
This has been by far, the most fun summer. It is one that seems invincible to the winter cold looming ahead. Filled with growing friendships, bbqs, late nice ice cream walks and more... this has been a summer to remember. I am beyond thankful for the relationships and memories i am creating. Its just so wonderful.

Im feeling a bit nostalgic in the sense that I have just turned 24 this weekend and i find myself focusing on the past, rather than looking ahead to all of the wonderful things to come.

I moved to california 5 years ago. I have met an incredible amount of great people, played a ridiculous amount of shows and wrote songs about love and feelings that i thought would never end. Everything was always okay and the constant warm weather never allowed me to formulate the idea of getting older in my mind. All of my california memories are a pool of emotions that relate to loving and leaving. I get envious of their endless days filled with no stress, great fashion trends that i cannot pull off here and the overall "california" state of mind that includes a "worry free" attitude.

To think that i have lived, loved and left california and live and loved in Buffalo within 5 years... it just seems almost impossible to go through such changes in such a small amount of time.

Buffalo is my heart. Buffalo is a cold, hard working city that requires a sense of reality to get by each day. I work hard for a company and push myself to finish college because that is what i need to aim for success. These memories may one day be pooled together with emotion but they are surrounded by the new york state of mind that includes my hard work ethics, stress and constant movement towards my career.

Maybe i am just feeling the distance growing between my relaxed, younger california days and my career driven New York days. I want to stay young, keep my eyes wide and really focus on my days, one by one, minute by minute. Being older seems to be just fine however, i want to make sure i don't loose the spark inside that i felt when i was not career driven and stressed.

Getting older is tough.

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