Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bye bye New York, NY.

This was a super weekend.
Andy and Jenny showed me that there are local, down to earth people in
one of the biggest cities in the world.

We had a BBQ in the Clinton community garden and Andy grilled
hamburgers for the people hanging out, us and the people in the GAF
bar down the street.

Andy took me to get coffee and bought like 8 coffees, 6 of them were
for all the guys at his butcher shop. This is a normal affair btw. We
went to union square farmers market where we bought peppers of which
we helped plant in andys garden later. Andy knew everyone at union
square. It was really funny.

Andy also taught me how to make mac and cheese from scratch and I have
extra to take home to Joe. It's actually really easy to make.

Jenny, Erica and I spent sunday in soho shopping at American apparell,
urban and h&m. It was great. They are great shoppers and supported my
purchase of a lacy leotard that is see through.
I met Ericsson boyfriend, he is really great. Super smart.

So we basically spent the weekend hanging out, drank alot of fun beers
from Maine at The Pony Bar, shopped, played with hunter the cat and
talked about building science.

Great weeked. Oh and I got jamba juice!

Now back to my sweetheart.

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