Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Oh how i love Christmas.
I love the smell, the friendly smiles and fun family times.

Here's how today went:
Joe and I woke up and opened gifts. He bought me a guitar, amp and stand! (AMAZING!)
Joe got lots of things such as the Jam Man, socks, Animal Collective records and more.
Then basically i played my new guitar until Lynne came over around noon.
We opened gifts and hung out for a while.
We then drove to Dad and Moms house. Dad gave us 30 bucks and mom picked out some sock sand PJs for us. It was nice.
We went to Aunt Kathys for a few where Elisabeth played Gator Golf. She is so cute.
THen Joe and i said good bye to Lynne and we went to his Grandmas.

Tradition - POlish tradition where everyone gets a piece of everyones wafer and then eats it. It was nice to be included in it. I like going to Joes grandmas, she is a walking tradition and history book. Its nice to talk to her.

Now we are at home relaxing with the cats. Christmas was so nice. I am so thankful for everyone and everything. I am just so happy.

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